New York City Ellis Island Immigration Museum Digital Watercolor

Digital watercolor of the great hall inside Ellis Island Immigration Museum in New York City.

Sunlight filtered through the large Romanesque windows and made the brick walls have a matte kind of understated sparkle. With a pair of American flags the spacious hall seemed rather warm and welcoming. For the immigrants at that time it must have felt wonderful to be on new soil, to be given the chance to start anew in a vast land full of hope and promise.

Being an historic museum everything was quite old and musty but it was easy to imagine the hustle and bustle of, at that time, the busiest immigration center on the planet. Lots of photos and relics to peruse in the smaller rooms surrounding the hall, but the domed, vault-like central area was my favorite place in the museum.

New York City Ellis Island Digital Watercolor

I added lettering with matching digital watercolor fill below the image, as well as a pin line border around the image for a poster-style look.

Art print, canvas and framed prints are available on Crated. Customizable poster is also available on Zazzle.

A look at the framed print on Crated:

New York City Ellis Island Immigration Museum Digital Watercolor

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