Melbourne World’s Most Livable City Photomontage

Melbourne has been voted regularly as the Most Livable City in the World. It is not surprising: the city has a high standard of living and serves as a great example of successful urban planning. I made this photomontage using images I took when visiting Melbourne.

The theme is about what makes Melbourne a sustainable, culturally diverse and ecologically sound city. Photos show: contemporary, high rise buildings side-by-side with old buildings restored and refurbished not only for the sake of historic preservation but also as functional spaces for government use or as tourism landmarks; diverse transportation system, all the while encouraging people to commute by bicycle; plenty of beautiful, well-maintained parks and gardens in and around the city central, preventing the formation of heat islands; efficient waterways that are relatively clean and enhance views of the city; sculptural facilities (such as lamp posts) that could pass as modern art and are both aesthetically pleasing and functional; animals (such as birds) coexisting with people, for urban life that is not just friendly to humans but also wildlife; buildings with plenty of skylights, rain-harvesting systems and other energy-efficient built environment features.

Melbourne The World’s Most Livable City Collage

The entire city is like a large urban oasis, where form goes hand-in-hand with function. Add to that super friendly, helpful, very likable residents and boom! One of the best places to live on Earth. Looking forward to visiting there again!

Melbourne The World’s Most Livable City Collage

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