Lovely Yellow Cosmos Flower Field with Clear Blue Sky

Lovely Yellow Cosmos Flower Field with Clear Blue Sky

Lovely light yellow cosmos in a large flower field under clear blue skies. The cosmos variety is known as “Yellow Campus”. This photo is a SOOC (straight out of camera) image, a welcome break from all the filtering and other digital manipulation that you see on this photo site lately 🙂

I took the photo at Showa Kinen Park in Tokyo, on a gorgeous autumn day at a park abloom with beautiful fall flowers. Showa Kinen is one of the largest parks in the Kanto region.

It was actually a few days after a big typhoon. Worried that the flower fields would have been destroyed by the strong winds and rain, I still decided to venture out and see how resilient these delicate-looking flowers were. Fortunately for all of us flower lovers, they somehow managed to survive the storm. A little bit droopy and in certain places beyond repair, but the blooms you see above, they managed to hold on. Happy!

The clear blue skies after a storm makes the perfect backdrop for the buttery yellows of the sun-like petals.

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A look at the tote bag, my favorite product:

Lovely Yellow Cosmos Clear Blue Sky Flower Field

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The clock has butter yellow numbers but I added a drop shadow behind them so that they can still be read among the petals. There’s also a square version with no numbers.

The greeting card has three different photos on the front, inside and back. I think it makes a wonderful Happy Birthday or Get Well card, what with lots of cheerful flowers and blue, blue sky! All the text is fully customizable.

There’s also a matching postage stamp, perfect for adding your names or other text, especially when sending out matching invitations.

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