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Gorgeous autumn leaves in myriad tones of red, yellow and orange. I took this photo at Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan. Yamanashi is famous for being the home of Mt. Fuji, and for the five lakes surrounding the designated World Cultural Heritage mountain.

The parks around the lakes burst into an amazing symphony of brilliant colors during the fall season. Coupled with clear skies and warm sunshine, it’s the perfect place for long walks (or better yet, jogs) while surrounded with the beauty of nature.

During 紅葉 kouyou (autumn leaves or fall foliage) season the traffic leading to the most popular 紅葉狩り momijigari (celebrating fall foliage) spots is horrendous. The fall festivals and light-ups (lighting up the trees at night) also guarantee there’s always a big crowd. It’s hard to find parking space for us out-of-towners who drive all the way there on weekends just to see nature in all its autumn glory.

Find Yourself Go Run Autumn Leaves Fall Season

But on weekdays there aren’t that many people. If you’re lucky enough to be able to go to the five lakes early on a weekday you can easily imagine how nice it would be to jog around in that area, with all the vivid leaves to entertain you.

Find yourself. Go run.

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A look at the totebag, my favorite:

Find Yourself Go Run Autumn Leaves Fall Season

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