Ping-pong Bats or Table Tennis Paddles on Blue

Two sets of ping-pong bats or table tennis paddles, with red and black rubber, on a blue ping-pong table. Two yellow orange ping-pong balls nestle between the handles. Light streams from above. We played a few sets and before leaving I took this photo. The paddles were all well-used and worn-out, but still playable.

I’ve loved ping-pong since I was a child and very much enjoy playing whenever the opportunity arises. It’s such a fun game, though nowadays I spend more time chasing after the ball than keeping it in play. Nevertheless, it’s always fun for everyone no matter what age, race, gender or athletic ability.

I know you enjoy ping-pong, too! So here’s an image to celebrate the sport.

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A collage of other related prints can be found below. Click here to get a clearer view of each.

Ping-pong Bats Table Tennis Paddles Rackets on Blue

I went with different edits for each image, from grungy to vintage to vivid to lettering to floating among the clouds 🙂

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Ping-pong Bats Table Tennis Paddles Rackets on Blue

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